Bootcut Jeans

Discover your new favorite piece with MissMe's selection of bootcut jeans for women crafted in Premium Denim. Available in high-rise and low-rise styles, our bootcuts are celebrated for their slimming and flattering silhouettes.

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What are Bootcut Jeans?
Bootcut Jeans are slim fit jeans down to the knee, and flare slightly outward towards the hem. Bootcut Jeans are celebrated for their elongating look, creating a slimming and flattering silhouette. This subtle flare is intended to accommodate boots, hence the name "bootcut."

What shoes should you wear with bootcut jeans?
When styling bootcut jeans, choose shoes that complement the flared silhouette and provide the right balance. Ankle boots and heeled boots are classic choices. For a Western-inspired look, cowboy boots fit perfectly under the flare. Pumps or heeled sandals can elevate your bootcut style for a more sophisticated look, while platform shoes add both height and edginess. Flats, like ballet shoes or loafers, offer casual comfort, and clean sneakers provide a relaxed, sporty feel. Ultimately, the ideal shoe depends on the occasion and your desired style. Thankfully, bootcut jeans are very versatile so you can experiment with various options to find the perfect match.

How long should bootcut jeans be?
Bootcut jeans should ideally be long enough to nearly graze the floor without dragging. If wearing heels or platform shoes, you can get away with showing more of the shoe. Having the right length not only maintains a polished appearance but also prevents the jeans from getting frayed or dirty at the bottom. Tailoring the jeans to the specific shoes you intend to wear most frequently can help achieve this ideal length.

What is the difference between bootcut and regular fit jeans?
The main difference between bootcut and regular fit jeans lies in their leg shape. Bootcut jeans are designed with a slight flare from the knee down, while regular fit jeans offer a more uniform cut that runs straight from the hips to the ankles.

Successfully capturing the many identities of a woman, Miss Me provides versatile pieces that represent every facet of the Miss Me woman – from wardrobe staples to styles that make a statement. Discover our selection of bootcut jeans in various fits and colors, including black, white, slim, stretch, ripped, distressed - and much much more!